Visual Option Selector

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Visual Option Selector

Product Selector extension package


Let your customers see the options as they select them. Useful for any site, it's especially powerful if customers must select a specific number of options. For example, fill a carton or container.
  • Mix and match options in the package
  • Seamless addition and subtraction of kit components (no post-back)
  • Thumbnail images can be assigned to each option
  • HTML popups for each option on hover to show details
  • Specify the number of options for each product

Note that in order to ensure you receive the latest code for your Magento version, we check compatibility for each order and this can take up to 3 business days.

Licensing: One license per store. Details here.

Estimated install time: 2 hours.

Documentation Provided: Yes. Details here.

Availability: In stock

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