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Shipper3 Gold provides support for one workstation with one carrier. Shipper3 Platinum supports up to 5 PCs on a network, multiple carriers and can run all orders in a single batch. For more details, see below.


Gold Edition
Platinum Edition
  Purchase Purchase
Cost $395/ One PC $1595/ up to 5 PC
ShipRush License Purchase
User Interface Windows
Multiple Skins Yes Yes
Customizable Views Yes Yes
Customizable Edit Windows Yes Yes
Configuration Wizards Yes Yes
Shared or Standalone Data [1] Yes Yes
Custom Highlighting Yes Yes
Custom Filtering Yes Yes
Print Labels via UPS WorldShip Yes Yes
Print Labels via ShipRush Yes Yes
FedEx Yes Yes
UPS Yes Yes
USPS Yes Yes
Support for Laser Printers Yes Yes
Support for Thermal Printers [2] Yes Yes
Bulk Label Printing No Yes
Quick Print for Package Yes Yes
Quick Print for Order Yes Yes
Print Postage [3] Yes Yes
Bulk Label Postage No Yes
Quick Print for Package Yes Yes
Quick Print for Order Yes Yes
Track Packages Yes Yes
Verify U.S. Addresses via ShipRush [4] No Yes
Verify Worldwide Addresses via AddressDoctor [5] Yes Yes
Support for Multiple Websites Yes Yes
AbleCommerce 7 up to  7.07 Yes Yes
BV Commerce 5 Yes Yes
Magento 9 Yes Yes
StoreFront 6 Yes Yes
StoreFront 7 Yes Yes
Zen Cart Yes Yes
Open Source Shipping Agent Yes Yes
Record Shipment Information in Store Yes Yes
Tracking Number Yes Yes
Tracking Provider Yes Yes
Ship Date Yes Yes
Destination Address Yes Yes
Shipping Cost Yes Yes
Reporting Yes Yes
Built-in Reports Yes Yes
Built-in Custom Report Writer Yes Yes
Customizable Order Reports Yes Yes
Customizable Package Reports Yes Yes
Export to PDF Yes Yes
Export to HTML Yes Yes
Export to RTF Yes Yes
Send via Email Yes Yes
Perform Tasks Automatically Yes Yes
Assign Packaging Task Yes Yes
Assign Reference Fields Tasks Yes Yes
Assign Service Task Yes Yes
Assign Tracking Provider Task Yes Yes
Print Report Task Yes Yes
Send Report via Email Task Yes Yes
Send Text Message via Email Task Yes Yes
Print Shipping Label Task No Yes
Print Postage Task [3] No Yes
Upload Shipping Details Task Yes Yes
Verify Address Tasks Yes Yes
Data Analysis Yes Yes
  1. Shipper3 includes support for the following databases: MS Access (default), MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSql, Firebird, PervasiveSQL, VistaDB, SQL Anywhere, Advantage, DB2, and Sybase.
  2. Shipper3 includes support for the following thermal printers: Zebra/Eltron 2844, Zebra 450, Zebra 500, Zebra 550, Eltron/Zebra Orion, Eltron/Zebra LP2443, Eltron/Zebra LP2348, Eltron/Zebra 2543, Eltron/Zebra 2442, Eltron/Zebra 2742, Eltron/Zebra 2743, Eltron/Zebra 2844-Z, Zebra 105SL, and Zebra Z4M.
  3. Printing USPS postage requires a special ShipRush-ready account which costs additional. Multiple PCs at each location can use the same ShipRush-ready account. check for account details.
  4. ShipRush can verify the destination address before you print the label. Shipper3 Platinum Edition can verify any address at any time. Requires an AddressDoctor account.

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