Shipper 3 Gold Edition Renewal

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Shipper 3 Gold Edition Renewal

Shipper 3 Gold Edition Renewal

Shipper3 Platinum Edition is a high velocity shipment processing system for e-commerce websites. Print shipping labels, postage, and custom reports; and use real time communication to keep your store in sync.


Shipper 3 Gold Edition Delivers

Shipper 3 is a complete shipment processing system designed to help merchants ship their orders quickly:

  • Generate shipments with the carrier quickly.
  • Print shipping labels and postage for FedEx, and UPS, and USPS using ShipRush or UPS WorldShip.
  • Automatically update tracking information, shipping costs, and more in your store.
  • Quickly process shipments for multiple websites from one workstation with no additional charge per website.
  • Automate or remove all repetitive, non-value-add tasks from your people.
  • Print or email invoices, packing slips, and custom forms.

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System Requirements

Shipper3 Gold Edition requires Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. If you do not have Microsoft .NET 2.0 installed, the setup program will install it for you. Shipper3 also requires that a free, component called Shipping Agent be installed on your website. Please see the Installation Instructions for details to use the correct Shipping Agent for your website. Click Here for details on installing

Free 30 Day Trial

Download and use a fully functional copy of Shipper. You'll install two components. The Shipper Desktop component gets installed on a Windows PC. The Shipper Agent gets installed in your Magento store. The Shipper Agent retrieves orders and sends them to the Shipper Desktop. Shipper Desktop connects to carriers, generates shipments, prints shipping labels and much more. Shipper Desktop also connects back to the Shipper Agent to update order status and tracking numbers. Installation instructions are included in the .Zip files.

Shipper3 Licensing and Support

Shipper3 Gold Edition is licensed annually per PC. The serial number you receive will expire after 1 year. During the year, you are entitled to basic/limited ph

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